Managing Saved Criteria, Saved Data and Custom Tables

The Favorites tab allows you to organize the following features into groups:

You might decide, for example, that you want to bookmark a number of tables that include data related to the population of New York. You might call the group in which you save these tables 'New York Population.' You might also decide to create custom tables relating to the same topic: you could therefore create a group in the Custom Tables section of the Favorites tab with the same name.

All Favorites features include options to delete or rename the groups and move a saved item from one group to another. For example, you might decide that you want to move a table from a group called 'New York Population' to a group called 'Colonial Population' or 'Urban Population,' or that you want to rename one of your groups altogether as your focus on the data changes.

Typically you will be prompted when adding something new to your Favorites to select a group for it, or to create a new group.

To reorganize saved items within groups:

  1. Click the Favorites tab and select one of the options (Saved Data, Saved Criteria, or Custom Tables).

  2. Select a group from the Show Group drop-down list. This will display those saved items in the window below. Show

  3. To Delete items from a group, Move items to another group, or Rename a saved item or a group, check the box next to a saved item and click the applicable button below the window.

Note: You can rename only one Favorites item at a time.

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