Saving Essays

If you have a full subscription, trial access, or pay-per-view access, you can save essays you want to refer back to and access them from the Favorites tab. You must be a registered user to save an essay.

To save an essay:

  1. While you are viewing the essay, click the Save Essay link at the top right of the right pane (or click the Essay tab and then click the Save Essay link that appears in the left pane). The Save Essay section is displayed.

  2. Enter a name for the essay in the Name field. (By default, the title of the essay appears in this field.)

  3. Select a group to save the essay to:

    1. To save the essay to a new group, enter a name for the group in the New Group field.

    2. To save the essay to an existing group, select a group from the Select Group list.

  4. Click SAVE ESSAY. The essay is saved. To access it in the future, you can click on the Favorites tab.