Creating Custom Tables

You can create a custom table only if you are a registered user with a full or trial subscription to the site.

To begin creating a custom table:

  1. While viewing a table, click on the Table tab if it is not already highlighted. Once you see the Table options in the left pane, click the ‘Custom Tables’ drop-down menu in the left pane: select ‘New’ from the list that appears. The ‘Create Custom Table’ section is displayed.

  2. Use the checkboxes to select the series that you want to include in your custom table. (By default all the series are selected.)

  3. Enter a name for your custom table in the ‘Table Name’ field.

  4. Like other Favorites items, custom tables are organized in groups. Select an existing group name from the ‘Select group’ drop-down menu, or create a new group by typing a group name into the ‘New Group’ field.

  5. Click SAVE CUSTOM TABLE. The table is saved.

Once you have created a custom table with a series (or several series) from one table, you can add series from other tables to the custom table that you’ve made. See Adding Series to Custom Tables for more information.