Historical Statistics of the United States Millennial Edition Online
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Table Groups

Chapter Aa - Population Characteristics
Area and Population, Series Aa1-109
Sex, Age, Race, and Marital Status, Series Aa110-683
Rural and Urban Places, Series Aa684-1895
Nativity, Series Aa1896-2092
Slave Population, Series Aa2093-2188
Hispanic Population, Series Aa2189-2243
State Populations, Series Aa2244-6550

Chapter Ab - Vital Statistics
General, Series Ab1-39
Births and Fertility, Series Ab40-643
Life Expectancy, Series Ab644-911
Mortality, Series Ab912-1137

Chapter Ac - Internal Migration
Internal Migration, Series Ac1-436

Chapter Ad - International Migration
Immigrants, Emigrants, and Net Migration, Series Ad1-89
Immigrants, by Country, Series Ad90-221
Immigrants, by Characteristic, Series Ad222-255
Foreign-Born Population and Its Characteristics, Series Ad256-949
Alien Admissions, by Program, Series Ad950-1029
Naturalization, Series Ad1030-1071
Border Control, Series Ad1072-1088

Chapter Ae - Family and Household Composition
Family and Household Composition, Series Ae1-513

Chapter Af - Cohorts
Labor Force, Series Af1-126
Marital Status, Series Af127-273
Education, Series Af274-390

Chapter Ag - American Indians
Population and Tribes, Series Ag1-492
Health and Vital Statistics, Series Ag493-541
Land and Resources, Series Ag542-694
Reservations and Federal Expenditures, Series Ag695-725
Employment and Occupations, Series Ag726-914
Education and Veterans, Series Ag915-1113

Chapter Ba - Labor
Workforce, Series Ba1-339
Employment and Unemployment, Series Ba340-651
Employment, by Industry, Series Ba652-1032
Occupations, Series Ba1033-4213
Wages, Series Ba4214-4544
Hours and Working Conditions, Series Ba4545-4782
Labor Unions, Series Ba4783-4998
Household Production, Series Ba4999-5119

Chapter Bb - Slavery
Slave Population, Series Bb1-208
Slave Prices and Values, Series Bb209-218
Manumitted and Fugitive Slaves, and Slave Revolts, Series Bb219-254

Chapter Bc - Education
Kindergarten, Elementary School, and Secondary School, Series Bc1-509
Higher Education, Series Bc510-736
Educational Attainment, Series Bc737-813
Earnings, by Education, Series Bc814-901
Revenues and Expenditures, Series Bc902-1035

Chapter Bd - Health
Expenditures, Series Bd1-62
Hospitals, Series Bd63-240
Health Care Practitioners, Series Bd241-293
Health Insurance, Series Bd294-447
Incidence of Disease, Series Bd448-558
Nutrition and Health-Related Behaviors, Series Bd559-652
Physical Well-Being, Series Bd653-1235

Chapter Be - Economic Inequality and Poverty
Distribution of Income, Series Be1-38
Distribution of Wealth, Series Be39-54
Mean and Median Income, Series Be55-84
Poverty Lines, Series Be85-259
Characteristics of the Poverty Population, Series Be260-411

Chapter Bf - Social Insurance and Public Assistance
Poor Relief, Series Bf1-187
Social Welfare Expenditures, Series Bf188-270
Social Welfare Programs, Series Bf271-772
Private Welfare, Series Bf773-892

Chapter Bg - Nonprofit, Voluntary, and Religious Entities
Nonprofit Institutions, Series Bg1-250
Voluntary Associations, Series Bg251-319
Religion, Series Bg320-589
Philanthropy, Series Bg590-697

Chapter Ca - National Income and Product
Aggregate Measures and Long-Term Gross Domestic Product Series, Series Ca1-19
National Income, Series Ca20-73
National Product, Series Ca74-168
National Product Before 1929, Series Ca169-240

Chapter Cb - Business Fluctuations and Cycles
Business Cycle Chronology, Series Cb1-8
Business Cycle Indicators, Series Cb9-34
The Great Depression, Series Cb35-76

Chapter Cc - Prices
Consumer Price Indexes, Series Cc1-65
Wholesale and Producer Price Indexes, Series Cc66-204
Commodity Prices, Series Cc205-266-1

Chapter Cd - Consumer Expenditures
Classified by Type, Series Cd1-455
Classified by Family Characteristics, Series Cd456-673

Chapter Ce - Saving, Capital, and Wealth
Saving, Series Ce1-126
National Balance Sheets, Series Ce127-208
National Wealth, Series Ce209-310

Chapter Cf - Geography and the Environment
Land and Water, Series Cf1-167
The Environment, Series Cf168-285
Weather, Series Cf286-569

Chapter Cg - Science, Technology, and Productivity
Copyrights, Patents, and Trademarks, Series Cg1-109
Research and Development, Series Cg110-240
Computers, Series Cg241-264
Productivity, Series Cg265-345

Chapter Ch - Business Organization
Business Population, by Legal Status, Series Ch1-292
Incorporations, Failures, and Bankruptcies, Series Ch293-415
Mergers and Acquisitions, Series Ch416-439
Enterprises, Series Ch440-509
Corporate Balance Sheets, Series Ch510-679

Chapter Cj - Financial Markets and Institutions
Monetary Aggregates, Series Cj1-107
Monetary Policy, Series Cj108-141
Banks, Series Cj142-361
Savings Banks and Associations, Series Cj362-422
Other Financial Institutions, Series Cj423-485
Deposit Insurance, Series Cj486-712
Life and Property Insurance, Series Cj713-796
Equity and Bond Markets, Series Cj797-869
Debt and Flow of Funds, Series Cj870-1191
Interest Rates and Yields, Series Cj1192-1260

Chapter Da - Agriculture
Farms and Farm Structure, Series Da1-660
Crops and Livestock, Series Da661-1062
Productivity and Investments, Series Da1063-1265
Income and Finances, Series Da1266-1356
Farm Policy, Series Da1357-1476

Chapter Db - Natural Resource Industries
Mining, Series Db1-154
Energy, Series Db155-272
Fisheries, Series Db273-378
Forestry, Series Db379-457

Chapter Dc - Construction, Housing, and Mortgages
Total Construction: Output and Costs, Series Dc1-255
Construction, by Sector, Series Dc256-509
Housing, Series Dc510-902
Residential Mortgages, Series Dc903-1288

Chapter Dd - Manufacturing
Manufacturing Summary, Series Dd1-308
Output, Series Dd309-660
Inputs - Employees, Capital, and Consumption of Power and Selected Commodities, Series Dd661-874
Industry Concentration, Legal Form, and Economic Performance, Series Dd875-918

Chapter De - Distribution
General Statistics on Distribution, Series De1-72
Retail Trade, Series De73-344
Wholesale Trade, Series De345-481
Advertising, Series De482-537

Chapter Df - Transportation
All Modes, Series Df1-183
Roads and Vehicles, Series Df184-577
Water, Series Df578-864
Rail, Series Df865-1111
Air, Series Df1112-1245
Pipelines, Series Df1246-1265

Chapter Dg - Communications
Employees, Series Dg1-7-1
Telegraph and Telephone, Series Dg8-116
Radio and Television, Series Dg117-180
U.S. Postal Service and Delivery Services, Series Dg181-224
Books, Newspapers, and Periodicals, Series Dg225-292

Chapter Dh - Services and Utilities
Output and Employment, Series Dh1-69
Establishments, Receipts, and Employees, Series Dh70-218
Utilities, Series Dh219-297
Recreation, Travel, and Sports, Series Dh298-365
Arts and Humanities, Series Dh366-391

Chapter Ea - Government Finance and Employment
Federal, State, and Local Government Finances–Census of Governments, Series Ea1-583
Federal Government Finances, Series Ea584-678
Federal Government Finances–Office of Management and Budget, Series Ea679-730
Federal Income Tax Returns and Rates, Series Ea731-826
Government Employment, Series Ea827-985

Chapter Eb - Elections and Politics
Apportionment, Series Eb1-61
Voter Turnout, Series Eb62-122
Presidential and Congressional Elections, Series Eb123-267
Congressional Legislation, Series Eb268-295
Party Affiliation and Public Opinion, Series Eb296-328

Chapter Ec - Crime, Law Enforcement, and Justice
Crimes and Arrests, Series Ec1-181
Homicides and Suicides, Series Ec182-297
Incarceration and Execution, Series Ec298-425
Victimization and Delinquency of High School Seniors, Series Ec426-950
Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Series Ec951-1126
Firearm Possession, Series Ec1127-1158
Courts and Criminal Justice, Series Ec1159-1370

Chapter Ed - National Defense, Wars, Armed Forces, and Veterans
Military Personnel and Casualties, Series Ed1-145
Military Expenditures, Series Ed146-195
Battle Campaigns, Series Ed196-222
Nuclear Weapons and Arms Control, Series Ed223-228
Veterans, Series Ed229-482

Chapter Ee - International Trade and Exchange Rates
Balance of Payments, Series Ee1-361
Exports and Imports, Series Ee362-611
Exchange Rates, Series Ee362-683

Chapter Ef - Outlying Areas
Population and Social Statistics, Series Ef1-66
Economic Statistics, Series Ef67-148
Government, Series Ef149-172

Chapter Eg - Colonial Statistics
Population, Series Eg1-193
Migration and Labor, Series Eg194-216
Gross Domestic Product and Wealth, Series Eg217-246
Prices and Commodity Price Index, Series Eg247-301
Finance, Series Eg302-324
Agriculture and Fisheries, Series Eg325-355
Manufacturing, Series Eg356-419
Government, Series Eg420-428
International Transactions and Foreign Commerce, Series Eg429-1179

Chapter Eh - Confederate States of America
Population and Economy, Series Eh1-110
Money and Prices, Series Eh111-193
Government Finances, Series Eh194-228
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